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Bloodborne: The Death of Sleep  #1 Review

Bloodborne: The Death of Sleep #1 Review

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by February 21, 2018 Comics, Reviews

A brand new comic book series based on PlayStation’s Bloodborne franchise. At first, it seemed odd to make a comic book using a game whose narrative isn’t on the forefront. The videogame Bloodborne doesn’t tell much other than what players can glean from the environment and certain NPCs(Non-Playable Characters).


Several Wikipedia pages are dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of The Hunt and the world of Yharnam. You can delve down the rabbit hole reading about every boss, small enemy, the city and how it all ties together for the game’s plot.  Bloodborne: The Death of Sleep takes a different approach that is welcoming but keeps the same mysterious allure of the franchise.

Into Yharnam Once Again 

The story revolves around a nameless hunter is tasked with an important mission. I don’t want to spoil the plot of this issue but a gameplay mechanic used in Bloodborne is used to great effect. I loved this incorporation of elements used in the game as a story device to involve different characters.

The artwork and coloring help paint the grim and gruesome aesthetics of Yharnam. Some people will argue that the color schemes used in the comic are few and lack variety. However, it helps set the tone of this world for both fans of the franchise and new readers.

My only criticism is that the story is too brief and the characters are expendable. This issue is spent setting up Bloodborne’s world. This is important but lacks explanation about what’s happening on the panel. Fans of the series will love this comic book adaption but new readers will have a hard time following what little plot there is.

Bloodborne: The Death of Sleep #1 is a great read for fans of the series, but perhaps not suitable for everyone else. Exploring the dark and weird world of Yharnam is a treat for those who love Bloodborne’s lore. I can’t wait to see how the story unfolds and what mysteries lie ahead for the Hunter.

Faithful To Source Material
Game Mechanic Used As Story Device
Great Artwork
Brief Plot
Expendable Cast
Bland Colors

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