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Civilization 6 New Update Detailed by Firaxis

Civilization 6 New Update Detailed by Firaxis

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It has been almost a year since Civilization 6 released on PC.  The latest in a long series of classic strategy games, Civilization 6 was released to an overall positive response. The Civilization series deals with several cultures vying for world domination. When it was released, there were many different win conditions including a total military victory (wiping out all enemies), a space victory (being the first country to launch a successful ship to space), and even total religious domination;  the most straightforward of which is the military victory. Many people have criticized the 6th entry’s religious path to victory as being difficult and not well defined. Along with other changes, developer Firaxis hopes this newest update will change that.

According to a post to the Civilization 6 Steam group, Associate Director Sarah Darney outlined what the Fall 2017 update would change, not only for the religious system but others as well. Many of these refinements are commonly asked for by players.

The Fall 2017 Updates Religions

The Fall update will expand and deepen the religious systems of Civilization 6 by adding new beliefs and units as well as expanding how the units can react in “religious battles.” Along with two new Pantheons becoming available, there will be new beliefs including Enhancer, Follower, Founder, and Worship beliefs, unlocking new buildings, and the new warrior monk unit.

These updates will also unlock further religious unit actions such as exerting Zone of Control and being granted flank and support bonuses during combat, allowing for more strategy and a much more satisfying feel to each encounter. The guru units will also be granted the ability to heal other religious units nearby. All of these updates will be supported by various UI tweaks to allow for easier reading and understanding of what is going on in the field.

More Updates

The Fall update doesn’t only pertain to religion either. Civilization 6 will also boast updates to the overall UI and AI systems, Darney explained. The enemy AI is being tweaked with naval combat in mind, increasing not only the building of naval units, fleets, and armadas; but also increasing their ability to protect their naval units. “Brace for coastal assaults!” Darney exclaimed. Civilization 6 will also reduce the amount of the least helpful “Gossip” messages, streamlining the player’s knowledge of the world’s big events without the hassle of sorting through several screens to get to them.

All of these upgrades are wrapped in a package of various quality of life fixes like UI updates, allowing for more easily available information for players, especially on the diplomacy screen. Many of the screens and menus are being revamped to allow for easier navigation.

More updates have been promised in the upcoming weeks, and a full list will be available when the update goes live. The Civilization series is known for a long history of making their games better as time goes on. Civilization 6 seems to be no different. One thing is sure, Firaxis is giving players another reason to jump back into their world of excitement and adventure.

Civilization 6 is now available for PC, purchase it on Steam, GOG, and Amazon.

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