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Gaming Culture Adversity For Mobile Gaming Fans

Gaming Culture Adversity For Mobile Gaming Fans

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The expression “gamer” describes many different cliques in different cultures. In today’s world, we mostly associate the saying with a person who is a fan of playing video games. Many in the gaming community have adopted the term, most wearing it as a title of honor.

While this badge of honor is primarily used to describe someone who plays console, PC, or arcade games. Yet, there is a new branch of gaming emerging that may get added to the umbrella term “gamer”. This emerging field is none other than the mobile platform.

Mobile Gaming

Over the last few years, mobile gaming has become larger and larger. It has etched itself into the entertainment technology forefront. While they may not make as much as an AAA game such as Call of Duty. Some of the top mobile games can reach upwards of million dollars or more.

The New York Film Academy says three mobile games earned ~million dollars daily at their peaks in 2017. These games were Pokemon GO, Mobile Strike, and Game of War – Fire Age. This shows the financial strength that mobile games can have. Even if they aren’t all as successful, creating top-selling games bringing in such revenue makes a bold statement.

The scale and quality of mobile games have also improved. Many AAA developers have even joined the mobile scene including Bethesda, Square Enix, Blizzard, and EABluehole Studios and Epic Games have also launched their battle royal games (PUBG and Fortnite) on mobile platforms. According to PCGamesN, Fortnite mobile went to the top of iOS mobile charts in 13 countries within 12 hours of its initial release.

Are Mobile Game Players Gamers?

Despite the monetary success of mobile games, and the ever advancing market. There is still an odd view of mobile games in the gaming community. While the games themselves aren’t looked down upon, players of mobile games seem are viewed differently. Within the gaming community, the term “gamer”, doesn’t refer to someone who plays mobile games. Moreover, If someone only plays mobile games, the vast majority of the gaming community wouldn’t think of them as a “gamer”.

This odd cultural difference most likely emanates from how mobile games are viewed. The gaming community does not see mobile games at the same level as console or PC games. Mobile games are often scaled down console/PC games that are good for entertainment, but not serious.  

Changing Tone

With PUBG and Fortnite on mobile, there appears to have been a shift in the voice of the gaming community. The gaming community has moved more towards viewing mobile games as more respectable.

There are two clear ways PUBG and Fortnite on mobile have helped improve the perception of the mobile gaming platform.One reason is that many hardcore gaming fans have taken to playing to the mobile version of the battle royal games almost as much as they would play them on console or PC. Even a few streamers have streamed playing the mobile battle royal games. Second, PUBG allows for cross-platform mobile play. And Fortnite allows for complete cross-platform play. This makes the gaming experiences similar for everyone. 


The Push

In the coming years, the gaming industry will become completely homogenous. The term “gamer” will refer instead to anyone who enjoys video games. In the end, video games are for enjoyment, like any piece of media. The platform shouldn’t matter as much as the person’s delight in the game.

Do you think that mobile gaming is any different than PC or console gaming? Let us know your thoughts below.


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