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OK K.O.! Let’s Play Heroes! Review

OK K.O.! Let’s Play Heroes! Review

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by February 7, 2018 Reviews

OK K.O.! Let’s Play Heroes! is a fantastic game that encompasses several great aspects of the show. The player feels like they are part of the show because of the excellent art style, voice acting, and user interface. In many ways, OK K.O.! Let’s Play Heroes! takes several cues from South Park: The Stick of Truth by giving the player several quests and character interactions and light RPG elements. However, an older demographic will find it a tad repetitive and its dressing of the show really helps it along. Capybara Games is a great developer that made a neat Cartoon Network game!

OK K.O. Let's Play Heroes Bodega

Let’s Do it K.O!

One of the best aspects of OK K.O.! Let’s Play Heroes! is the how true to the source material it is. You have all kinds of characters from the show and their interaction with K.O. is fun and hilarious. You play as K.O., a happy-go-lucky kid who wants to become a hero like everyone else. It’s his job to attain that dream in any way possible and he finds out from an elderly pedestrian that he lacks proper qualification. K.O. tried to help the senior bystander from being mugged but lacks a Hero Pow Card. Pow Cards are giving to each hero which determines their unique Powie Zowie and hero level.

The company that makes Pow Cards is taken over by the evil Lord Boxman who reduces everyone’s Pow Card Hero level to zero. K.O. takes it upon himself to defend the Lakewood Plaza while also trying to regain everyone’s lost Pow Card levels in hopes of attaining a level one Pow Card of himself in the process. The story is rather straightforward but character interactions and side quests are great. I have never seen a single episode of the show but this game feels like a huge episode. It is filled with such great jokes and silliness that you can’t help but love K.O. and his wacky adventures.

The story never takes itself seriously but that fact helps bring Lakewood Plaza to life. The writing is filled with great jokes and references to other games. The supporting cast needs help regaining their Pow Card levels through various quests. K.O. embarks on any job to help the citizens of Lakewood Plaza no matter how small the request is! Fans of the show will love this game for the sheer joy of engaging with Lakewood Plaza’s various characters. Even people who have never seen the show will find humor and charm.

Punch Into Work!

Now let’s get into the meat of what this game is about. OK K.O.! Let’s Play Heroes! is similar to the South Park games because of its RPG aspects. The only difference is that the core gameplay is instead a sidescrolling beat em up. You control K.O. who can go toe to toe against several enemy robots.

K.O. can punch, kick, and dodge while gaining new powerful moves as he levels up. He can use several Pow Cards during battle as long as their Powie Zowie is unlocked. K.O. can get every characters’ Pow Card but unlocking their Powie Zowie requires a separate quest before it can be used in battle. Once unlocked, Pow Cards can be used to summon a hero into battle who will then perform their signature attack. The Pow Card mechanic is similar to the summons used in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.

The combat is fun, fast, and fluid which is surprising considering that this is a licensed IP. The difficulty is carefully increased as K.O. helps people regain their lost Pow Card levels. There are only a handful of enemy characters but each of them starts off with one main attack. As the game progresses, they each learn new moves that are harder to dodge and cover a bigger area of the screen. K.O., on the other hand, can combo several enemies with the right positioning. The combo system is forgiving and using your special powers, ground attacks, air attack, and Pow Cards you can create unique combo chains.

OK KO Let's Play Heroes Pow Card

Let’s Level Up K.O.!

OK K.O.! Let’s Play Heroes! is a lite RPG game with a side-scrolling combat as gameplay. I would highly recommend this game for younger players who have never experienced any kind of RPG before. K.O. embarks on various quests and tasks to help regain everyone’s Pow Card levels.

The gameplay is based on a daily cycle of questing and work. K.O. will often start the day by helping out either Mr.Gar, his Mom, or one of his friends. These quests can vary between fetching a certain item, battles, or puzzle solving. Once he is done with helping his quest giver, he then goes to Mr. Gar’s Bodega to punch in for work and goes on another quest for his boss or coworkers. Once that task is completed he is rewarded with money that he can spend to acquire new cards or boost his stats. There are only three main stats that K.O. can raise and each time he levels up a stat he gains a new power.

That is the basis of the gameplay loop in OK K.O.! Let’s Play Heroes!. The game’s combat and RPG mechanics are fun because it fits well with the premise of the world. However, this gameplay loop becomes highly repetitive with almost no variation other than a few key boss battles. The game’s strongest feature is its story and characters but lacks depth as a game. Games like Pokemon are relatively simple for kids but carries plenty of depth throughout a sizeable journey.

Lakewood Plaza is bright and colorful but the player is forced to backtrack across the same static screens. While some locations on the Plaza are used often, there are new spaces that are introduced but never used again in any meaningful way. OK K.O.! Let’s Play Heroes! combat and RPG lite gameplay loop is great but repetitive. The side-scrolling action is surprisingly great with enough variety to come up with your own combos. Leveling up K.O. through quests, combat, and money are simple enough to enjoy.

OK KO Let's Play Heroes Binder

Save The Day K.O.!

OK K.O.! Let’s Play Heroes! is an amazing looking game with stellar voice acting. The developers did a great job at bringing the plaza to life through great art direction and stylistic choices. The game looks and flows like an episode of the show. The jokes are genuinely funny and there are several references to other games and pop culture in general. The combat is great and it is fun to experiment with using different Pow Cards. I would highly recommend this game for younger players and fans of the show. The only caveat being that OK K.O.! Let’s Play Heroes! lacks depth and is repetitive but the love of the show clearly shines.

Great Combat
Funny Characters
Amazing Art Style
Lots of Backtracking

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