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Surprise PUBG Lootboxes Might Be Gambling

Surprise PUBG Lootboxes Might Be Gambling

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The developers PUBG Corps, Of Player Unknow Battlegrounds fame, have revealed the odds of actually winning the specific items you want inside the game’s Biker and Desperado loot boxes and they’re not looking good. According to their odds, it would take 80 years on average to unlock the rarest items.

(Various items are available in these crates, which cost real money to open.)


PUBG is only recently out of early access, but to say it has been very successful, would be an understatement. Well over 4 million copies of the game have been sold in less than 4 months. Battlegrounds is also in fifth place for the most concurrent players on Steam. Not just for a day, but all time. It’s phenomenally successful. One of the cornerstones of the game are the cosmetic items. The game itself costs 30 dollars to buy, but these items can be purchased with real money as well.

(PUBG has a “Skinonemy”)

PUBG Corps recent release of the percentages of the rarest items is eye-opening.The information was dropped In a patch note release on Tuesday. The most common items when opening the new biker lootbox still only have a 15% chance of dropping. However, the rarest are all well under a 1% chance. For instance, the sleeveless biker jacket has a 0.01% chance of dropping. So each of those items will only drop once out of every 10,000 lootboxes.


In Player Unknowns Battlegrounds at the end of every match players are awarded points based on how well they played. Such as how many kills or hits the player scored. The player can then spend those points on these crates that have all the different gear. PUBG Corps has put a weekly limit of 6 lootboxes that a player can open per week.

It would take 4,100 weeks to open all the 10,000 crates required to get the specific biker or desperado item that you want. That pans out to over 80 years. So for all those poor completionists, it’s an almost impossible grind. It would also take over 9 million in-game currency to enable the purchases.


PUBG Corps are artificially creating value in the “Skinonemy” of the game. Since all the best stuff is so incredibly rare  it can fetch prices of almost 2000 real life dollars. like the Player Unknowns Battlegrounds set on the steam marketplace, valued at 1,983 dollars. Opening one of these lootboxes and getting something potentially worth thousands of dollars, isn’t all that different from the lottery or a slot machine. Since these skins can be bought and sold on the marketplace for money, buying a lootcrate is much closer to the definition of gambling than Battlefront 2’s ever were. The real question is why PUBG Corps would release this info so close to the disaster that was the year of the lootbox 2017. With EA and Blizzard  taking most of the heat for lootboxes PUBG Corps looks downright honest in contrast. This is a risky move, and whether it is gambling or not, it sure looks like gambling. Expect the lootbox to continue evolving in the new year.



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