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Tomb Raider: Survivor’s Crusade #2 Review

Tomb Raider: Survivor’s Crusade #2 Review

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by January 12, 2018 Reviews

It is said that while seeking revenge, you should dig two graves – one for your target and one for yourself. That is what Jonah Maiava tries to make Lara Croft understand in Tomb Raider – Survivor’s Crusade #2.

This issue diverts from the main story delving into Jonah and Lara’s friendship. Fans of the Tomb Raider video game series may remember Jonah. He is the ex-soldier who served as a cook on the Endurance ship, survived the crash and befriended Lara to become one of her most trusted allies.

In Survivor’s Crusade, Jonah has moved to London becoming a chef/cook at small café. Lara checks in with him detailing the Cross of Stars artifact that can apparently “whisper the location of God”.

Jonah is hesitant to entertain Lara’s offer to join her on another adventure because of her obsession with killing Trinity’s leader, The Cardinal, the man who murdered her father. He demands answers to the questions he has about their recent journey to The Temple of the Buddha Receiving in Thailand. He believes Lara has some shady reasons for embarking on the adventure to begin with.

We are treated to another tomb raiding sequence as we discover and understand why Lara and Jonah are more like siblings than friends. There is a surprisingly poignant scene in which they come to a realization and accept what fate has in store for them at present.

Whereas the first issue of Survivor’s Crusade series focused on action, the second is more of a character study and as such is a nice change of pace. It is a more mature, more thoughtful entry, story-telling.

The dynamic artwork in the action scenes counters that shift in tone as does the colouring by Michael Atiyeh. In particular, there is a fantastic splash page in which an explosion sends Lara hurtling into an underground waterway.

Although the second issue of Survivor’s Crusade didn’t expand upon the main story, the detour acted as a more human adventure revealing more of Lara’s motivations, the lengths to which she will go to avenge her father. What lines will she cross? Will Lara pull herself back from the brink? We shall soon see. Stay tuned, faithful reader.

Improved artwork and colouring.
A character-driven story.
Refreshing diversion from the main plot.
Gamers get to learn more about Lara and Jonah’s relationship.
The covers themselves need to be more diverse.

Review Summary

Another solid issue that builds on the mythology already created. Taking a break from the main crusade worked out really well.

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