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Metal Gear Survive: It looks Interesting, However…

Metal Gear Survive: It looks Interesting, However…

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by January 12, 2018 Unpopular Opinion

I have always enjoyed the Metal Gear franchise. It’s told a well-executed story that features an array of characters. Big Boss, Solid Snake, Ocelot, and several other characters featured great backstory that notched perfectly in place with the grand plot of the Metal Gear franchise. I enjoyed Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, the most recent entry in the franchise. I also enjoyed the prequel, Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes.

Ground Zeroes

Ground Zeroes made me feel very optimistic about Phantom Pain. Ground Zeroes did not have a vast and open world that could rival the Phantom Pain. However, in terms of gameplay, Ground Zeroes had a fair amount to offer. It featured a grand total of seven missions, and the player could approach each mission differently. This created some replay ability in each mission. The graphics also looked crisp and beautiful. Ground Zeroes also transitions into the plot of the Phantom Pain.

However, Ground Zeroes received some backlash due to the $30 price tag. In all honesty, I did not pay anywhere close to that price tag. I bought Ground Zeroes on a Steam sale for $10. I enjoyed it, however I can understand why some people were disappointed about the price tag. At its heart, Ground Zeroes felt like a very well-polished demo that left fans excited for the Phantom Pain.

Phantom Pain

Phantom Pain blew me away. It had an excellent story that fit in perfectly with the franchise. Additionally it went further in depth with Big Boss’ story.

But it was the gameplay that truly made Phantom Pain stand out. The open world allowed the player to explore the vast lands. Exploration could reward the player by allowing the player to find resources to continue to build Mother Base, capture animals, Fulton extract vehicles, and Fulton extract elite soldiers that will join Mother Base. Additionally, Phantom Pain offered several quests and side quests which create hours of fun enjoyable content. Overall, the game was a success selling over 6 million copies worldwide.

Metal Gear Survive: First Official Trailer

The fallout between Konami and Hideo Kojima has left the player fanbase worried. I was confused and worried to see what would happen to Metal Gear franchise. After Kojima’s departure Konami began to work on Survive.

Hearing about the development of a new Metal Gear game made me feel uneasy. Without Kojima at the helm I doubted Konami’s capabilities to produce a polished Metal Gear game.

On Aug. 17, 2016, Konami released the first official trailer for Metal Gear Survive. Konami unfortunately did not relieve my worry and concern about the franchise. The official trailer starts off with an unknown soldier from Mother Base being sucked into a wormhole. This wormhole also sucked any hopes and dreams I had of Konami producing a competent Metal Gear game without Kojima.

Several fans lashed out at Konami. The trailer showed very generic gameplay of a crapshoot zombie survival horror game. I was as disappointed as someone driving the newest Ferrari through Los Angeles traffic. However, despite my disappointment, I promised that I would try to have an open mind about Survive.

Metal Gear Survive: The Recent Trailer

On Jan. 8, 2018, Konami released another trailer for Survive. You can watch the newest trailer below. The trailer starts with an interesting scene about some Mother Base soldiers. It looks like the soldiers are disposing bodies of deceased comrades. This generates several questions about the plot. It seems even more apparent that Metal Gear Survive will tie into the grand plot of the Metal Gear franchise.

While I highly doubt the plot will be the strongest point of Survive, I found myself a little curious to see where Konami would go with it. I also found myself very excited to see that Survive will include several game mechanics implemented in the Phantom Pain.

Additionally, Survive will implement new game mechanics. These mechanics, like dropping steel woven fences, help the player in surviving the onslaught of enemies. The trailer also shows features that allow the player to customize their own base.

Overall, the recent trailer caught my attention. However, at its heart Metal Gear Survive is just another survival horror action game. While it looks like a very interesting game, I doubt Survive will greatly expand on Metal Gear’s story.

On the bright side, Metal Gear Survive will retail starting at $30.


I do NOT support how Konami handled the Kojima fallout. Nevertheless, Metal Gear Survive looks like an interesting game. I will try to be open minded about Survive and may consider giving it a chance.

The developers, from what I have seen, made a decent effort at creating a survival horror game. The game does not look bad, but I believe it does not deserve the title of “Metal Gear.” I highly doubt the plot of Survive will have significant relevance in the Metal Gear universe.

Preorder your copy of Survive here.

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