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Star Wars Battlefront II Beta Impressions

Star Wars Battlefront II Beta Impressions

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Whether I was defending the palace of Theed or attempting to recover an artifact on Takodana, the Battlefront II beta was fresh and fun. The beta provided only a small snippet of what we can expect. While I played the beta, I craved more, but I knew I would have to wait until November. What made me want more? Beautiful landscapes from the movies are recreated perfectly along with a new class based system that fans will adore. Not just these reasons, but many others told me that the full game will be something everyone will want to play.

Classes are Back in Session

The class based system has returned to the battlefront. Ground troops and starfighters now have been split into a class system. In the beta, each one is well defined by the character model, weapon choices and star cards. I always found myself switching between the four, assault, heavy, officer and specialist. Each have their own advantage in the matches. I enjoyed heavy the most due to his star cards and in space, the interceptor class. I would equip the heavy with a grenade barrage, chain gun and detonator mine. This class would help me take on enemies from far ranges, but also dispatch them from medium and close ranges as well.


Battlefront II Heavy Class


One great feature the class system brings is the ability to identify other teammates and enemies in an instant. Each class has a specific character model telling you what you need to do in that situation. Droid officers were marked with their typical yellow paint while the specialist droid would be marked with red. This kind of character design really gave me and others the advantage because we would know how to handle a specific type of class.

Cinematic Game Modes

Galactic Assault is the focused game mode of the beta. It is truly a cinematic game mode that features great gameplay at its core. 11 maps will be supported at launch for galactic assault. Each map will feature its own unique mission unlike the next and I cannot wait to play each one. This game mode can be compared the Walker assault in the last game but blows it out of the water entirely. I loved the objective of taking down a droid troop transport before it could reach the palace. It reminded me of the movies and really felt like Star Wars!


Two other game modes are available to play along with two short arcade missions. Strike mode is a smaller game mode with only eight people on each team and is just as fun as the previous mode. Strike is objective based as well with each team trying to complete a goal of some kind. The smaller maps and teams help isolate the gameplay and allows you to explore your class more because heroes and vehicles are not allowed in this mode. Starfighter Assault is the second main game mode that takes players to Fondor. I truly had fun with the mode. Being able to switch between an X-Wing, Y-Wing, or A-Wing was truly something else. This mode also provides an objective which gives more of the movie feel to it. I actually felt like I was in the rebellion taking down an imperial cruiser.

Postcard Worthy Landscapes

As I said before, the game has recreated the movie landscapes spectacularly. The streets of Theed on Naboo is gorgeous to run through and even better when flying overhead in a V-Wing. Birds, leaves and terrified civilians fill the streets making the map feel alive. One thing I do hope comes to the final game is dynamic weather similar to Battlefield 1. Taking on the droid army in the rain sounds very fun and beautiful to me.


Battlefront II Maz's Castle


Maz’s Kanata’s castle is recreated along with the Millennium Falcon grounded nearby. Both look just like they do in the movie. Each flag hanging outside of the castle is replicated to a T. Finally, the last map we are able to travel to is the shipyard above Fondor. The shipyard is something we have never seen in a movie but it is gorgeous nonetheless.

Battle point Income

For Battlefront II, the developers have ditched the previous game’s pick-up system for a much-balanced system. Battle points are awarded to all players for killing enemies and doing the objective. Heroes cost 5000 points while vehicles and reinforcements cost substantially less, but not too much less. A Wookiee warrior would cost me 3000 points diminishing my pool for a hero. This was a constant struggle for me as I only ever played as a hero three times.

Due to heroes being the main goal for battle points, a lack of reinforcements and vehicles were present. I would sometimes spend a few points to fly overhead in a vulture droid only to have no one but ground troops to shoot at. While I was in the air and did have other ships to shoot down, I would receive less battlepoints then I would on the ground killing enemies. I didn’t think it was fair to do so because I could have been getting more points on the ground instead of wasting points for a ship.

Crates Taint Progression

“Loot” crates have arrived to the Star Wars universe and I do not enjoy it. In the beta, I did not have access to all the guns available because I had not yet received enough parts to construct the weapon or unlock it from a crate. This frustrated me as I wanted to use the weapon, but was unable to because I would have to wait for it randomly. Crates also give you star cards that you can use to change out other abilities with for classes. After playing all weekend, I was still unable to unlock all the start cards available because crates are random.


Battlefront II Crates


These crates are not fair to everyone and restrict player’s progression. I believe all weapons should be available at the start or unlocked through a leveling system, not randomly from a crate. The random crate system benefits better players because they will receive more credits to purchase more crates. Weapons and abilities should be evenly accessible to everyone. Emotes, weapon parts, skins and victory poses were other things I could receive in the crates. I believe only these should come out of them because they posses no advantage on the battlefront.

The Future of Battlefront II

Overall, Battlefront II is looking to be a great game. Minor fixes with the battlepoint system and crate chances will make the game fun and enjoyable for everyone. Class systems have been loved since the original Battlefront, and been highly requested since the last game. In the beta, they truly shine at the heart of the gameplay only making the experience worth while and fun. This beta has only given us a small snippet of what we can expect from the final game. Until then, we can play the original Battlefront II to hold us off.

What did you think of the Battlefront II beta? Let us know down in the comments!

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